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Apitraz for bees. Apitraz® is a veterinary medicine product designed by Laboratorios Calier S.A. for the treatment of external parasitism caused by Varroa destructor in honey bees (Apis melífera). Every multi-layer sachet contains 10 white rectangular plastic strips with two tabs and a marker fold line. They allow an easier handling and placement of the strips in the hive. It is recommended to use 2 strips per hive1 regardless of size of the colony. At this dose, Apitraz® is completely safe for honey bees. Does not affect to vital functions of the hive neither to queen’s bee behavior. At the amount listed, Apitraz® doesn’t leave residues in wax or honey. Therefore, is a recommended product in a public health and biosafety point of view and it isn’t toxic for honey bees or beekeepers. Apitraz has a proven effectiveness of over 98% (when the amount of brood is low and there are only 1 or 2 brood frames).

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