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The move to new premises in 2017 enabled Richard to expand his beekeeping range with just about everything that is required for both hobby beekeepers and professional bee farmers, from foundation and frames, hives, protective clothing and honey extractors as well as a range of inverted bee feed and fondant. To complete the process there is a selection of jars and honey containers.



An introduction to splitting hives as part of Varroa control.

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Bill Hesbach is a beekeeper and honey producer in Cheshire, Ct, where he owns and operates Wind Dance Apiary. Bill studied beekeeping at Rutgers University in NJ and is currently enrolled in the master beekeeping program at the University of Montana. Bill serves on the board of directors for the Backyard Beekeepers Association of Connecticut, where he helps teach new beekeepers, and designs and teaches advanced beekeeping courses. Bill has an avid interest in honey bee biology and beekeeping history. As an advocate for bees, Bill is an active speaker at local beekeeping organisations, area elementary and high schools, and regional agricultural programs. Bill is also a contributing writer to Bee Culture Magazine.