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PROMOT0R L47 Bee Feed Additive 5 Litre


Promotor L 47.0 is feed additive which is very high in water-soluble VITAMINS high availability levorotatory form AMINOACIDS. For Honey Bees rate of use is 5ml / Litre in sugary solution.

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For Honey Bees rate of use is 5ml / Litre in sugary solution. It increases the production rate of the bees, Stimulates the queens laying and the development of the brood, Encouragement of the bee hive before the principal flowering, Acts as a pollen substitute in periods of scarcity, drought or adverse weather conditions, Stimulates the queens laying , the early development of the amount of brood, increasing the honey production, provides a protein supply and storage of vitamins during winter. Consists of Per litre PROMOTOR-L 47: Nicotianamide 16,25g D-Panthnol 7,5g Vitamin B1 HCl 1,75g Vitamin B2 5 phosphate 2,5g Yeast hydrolyzed* 470 ml Vitamin B6 1,125g Inositol 2,5g Biotine 1mg L-Alanine 7.4g; L-Arginine 8.6g; L-Aspartic Ac. 10g; L-Phenilalanine 5.8 g; L-Cistine 4.6g; L-Glutamic Acid 17.8g; L-Glicine 10.3g; L-Histidine 1.5g; L-Isoleucine 5.6g; L-Leucine 8.7g; L-Lysine 7.6g; L-Methionine 1.8g; L-Proline 11.8g; L-Serine 12g; L-Threonine 6.2g; L-Tirosine 3.1g; L-Valine 9.3g.

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